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G - 165:


- Faculty of Philosophy:


Jovan Arandjelovic, (General methodology)

Marija Bogdanovic, (Methodology of social research)

Ranko Bulatovic, (Andragogy of labour)

Jerko Denegri, (History of Modern Art)

Slobodan Dusanic, (History of Ancient Age)

Ivan Ivic, (Psichology of Education)

Ksenija Kondic, (Psichopathology of youth)

Aleksandar Kron, (Logic)

Bora Kuzmanovic, (Psichology)

Mladen Lazic, (General Sociology)

Rados Ljusic, (History)

Andjelka Milic, (Sociology of Family)

Danilo Mrksic, (General Sociology)

Ivan Stajnberger, (Ergonomy,)

Marica Suput, (History of Architecture)

Djuro Susnjic, (Sociology of Religion)

Sreten Vujovic, (Urban sociology)

Associate Professors:

Milos Arsenijevic, (Philosophy)

Aleksandar Jovanovic, (Classical Archeology)

Aleksandar Loma, (Classical languages)

Aljosa Mimica, (History of Sociological Theories)

Mirjana Pesic, (Preschool Pedagogy)

Branislav Todic, (Introduction to the History of Art)

Jelena Vlajkovic, (Mental hygiene)

Assistant Professors:

Stasa Babic (Classical Archeology)

Dusan Batakovic, (Intgroduction to Historical Sciences)

Dragan Bulatovic, (History of Art, Museology and Protection of Cultural Artefacts)

Tinde Kovac-Cerovic, (Pedagogical Psichology)

Smilja Marjanovic-Dusanic, (Introduction to Historical Studies)

Slobodan Mijuskovic, (History of Modern Art)

Olivera Milosavljevic, (Introduction to the Theory of Contemporary Society)

Marija Mitic, (Psichology)

Aleksandar Molnar, (History of Social Theories)

Goran Opacic, (Psichometrics)

Marjanca Paki`, (Historical Gramatics of Latin Language)

Zarana Papic, (Socio-Cultural Anthropology)

Dragan Popadic, (Social Psichology)

Ivana Radovanovic, quit the Faculty

Nikola Samard`ic, (General History - New Age)

Jelena Srna, (Psichology)

Nenad Tasic, (Archeology)

Miroslav Timotijevic, (History of New Age Serbian Art)

Vera Vasiljevic, (Egyptology)

Senior Lecturers:

Ljiljana Vulicevic, (Greek Language, History of Roman Literature)

Svetlana Stojic


Danica Andjelkovic, (Logic)

Branka Arsic, (History of Philosophy)

Jovo Bakic,

Slobodan Cvejic (Statistics)

Aleksandar Gordic (General methodology)

Jelena Erdeljan, (General History of Medieval Art)

Jelka Imsirovic, (Methodic of Philosophy Instruction in high schools)

Ljiljana Levkov, (Developmental psichology)

Svetlana Loma, (Antic epigraphy and numismatics)

Dejan Matic,

Angelina Milosavljavic, (Museology and Protection of Cultural Artefacts)

Vojin Nedeljkovic, (Latin language)

Dragana Pavlovic, (Preschool pedagogy)

Boris Pendelj, (Latin language)

Zarko Petkovic, (History of Old Age)

Dusan Popovic, (Classic Languages)

Vera Rajovic, (Psichology)

Jasna Sakota-Mimica, (History of Philosophy)

Sofija Stefanovic, (Archeology)

Lazar Tenjovic, (Statistics in Psichology)

Miroslav Vujovic, (Archeology)

Miroslav Vukelic, (Latin and Greek language)

Ivan Vukovic,

Vladimir Vuletic, (Sociology)

Gordana Vulevic (Psichopathology of the youth)


Igor Bogdanovic, (Archeology)

Nade`da Ignjatovic-Savic, (Psichology)

Dijana Plut, (Psichology)

- Also contracts were not signed by librarians at the group for Archeology:

mr Zorica Kostic

Milena Bogdanovic


- Faculty of Philology:

(note: after the resignation of the former dean Radmilo Marojevic, all fired staff were reinstated, and all of his decisions were annulled, except for those who were retrired or have quit the faculty)


Ranko Bugarski, (Sociolinguistics, English Language), retired by force

Darinka Gortan-Premk, (Modern Serbian Language), retired prematurely

Vladeta Jankovic, (Antique Literature, Comparative History of European Drama), fired

Ljubisa Jeremic, (18th and 19th Century European Novel; Experimental Novel in the First Decades of 20th Century), suspended

Leon Kojen, (Aesthetics), presently in USA

Mirko Krivokapic, (German Literarture in Goethe’s Time), retired prematurely

Miodrag Sibinovic, (Russian Literature), retired prematurely

Dragan Stojanovic, (German Literature From Enlightenment to Romanticism;

20th Century Fiction),

Djordje Trifunovic, (Medieval Serbian Literature), fired

Slobodan Vukobrat, (English 18th Century Novel), fired

Zoran Ziletic, (History of German Language), retired prematurely

Assistant Professors:

Zeljko Djuric, (History of Italian Literature), left the Faculty

Aleksandar Ilic, (History and Theory of Renaissance Fiction; Avant-garde Art and Its Relation to Totalitarian Ideologies), fired

Zoran Milutinovic, (20th Century Drama; Postmodern Literary Theory), fired

Mirka Zogovic, (History of Italian Literature), suspended

Ljubomir Ziropadja, (Pedagogical Psichology), suspended


Aleksandra Bajazetov-Vucen (German Language), suspended

Ajsa Djulizarevic Simic (Arabian language), retired prematurely

Aleksandra Mancic-Milic,(Spanish language), left the Faculty

Marina Ljujic, left the Faculty

Tijana Stojkovic, left the Faculty


Zorica Becanovic-Nikolic (Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama; Late Medieval and Renaissance Lyric Poetry in Europe), suspended

Predrag Brebanovic (Contemporary Literary Theories), suspended

Vladimir Ignjatovic, left the Faculty, presently in England

Maja Krstic (Modern German Language)

Miodrag Loma (Interpretations of Biblical Texts; German Romanticism and Pre-Romanticism)

Adrijana Marcetic (Theory of Literature; Narratology), suspended

Branislava Miladinov (English Romanticism, English 18th Century Novel), suspended

Radovan Mirkovic (Ancient Greek and Roman Literature), suspended

Jasmina Moskovljevic (General Linguistics), suspended

Branka Nikolic (Hebraic Language), fired

Predrag Stanojevic (Renaissance and Baroque Literature), fired

Zorica Vitic-Nedeljkovic (Medieval Literature), suspended

Srdjan Vujica (American Literature), fired

Djordjije Vukovic (French and Russian Literature from 1850 - 1950), suspended

- Faculty of Law:


Danilo Basta, (Philosophy of Law)

Kosta ^avoski, (Introduction to Law), suspended

Vojin Dimitrijevic, (International Public Law, International Relations), retired by force

Miroljub Labus, (Political Economy)

Dragoljub Popovic, (History of Law) fired

Mirjana Todorovic, (Sociology), suspended

Associate Professors:

Dragor Hiber, (Housing Law, Civil Law), fired

Aleksandra Jovanovic, (Political Economy), suspended

Gaso Kne`evic, (Private International Law), suspended, quit in January 2000, in protest against hiring dr. Vojislav Seselj as a full professor at the Faculty of Law,

Jovica Trkulja, (Political System), suspended

Radmila Vasic, (Introduction to Law), suspended

Vesna Rakic-Vodinelic, (Civil Procedural Law, Environmental Law, ), fired

Vladimir Vodinelic, (Civil Law), fired

Assistant Professors:

Slobodanka Nedovic, (Sociology, Social Policy and Law), suspended

Olga Popovic, (National History of State and Law), suspended

Mirjana Stefanovski, (National History of State and Law), fired

Dragica Vujadinovic, (Political and Law Theories), suspended


Milica Delevic-Djilas, (International Relations), fired

Vlada Djeric (Public International Law, International Organizations), fired

Goran Svilanovic, (Civil Procedural Law), fired





- Faculty of Electrical Engineering (ETF):

(all of the following were suspended till December 1999)


Dusan ]alovic, (Analysis and of electro-energetic systems) retired by force

Dusan Icevic, (Economics, Sociology), retired prematurely

Milan Jovanovic, (Electrotermia, Special electric instalations), retired by force

Slavoljub Marjanovic, (Electronics, energetic electronics), suspension exteneded

Branko Popovic, (Electromagnetics, fundamentals of electrical engineering), retired by force, (member of Serbian Academy of Science and Arts)

Jovan Radunovic, (Optoelectronics and laser systems),

Dusan Velasevic, (Computer software, system programming),

Dragan Vasiljevic, (Linear electronics, projecting of digital & electronic systems), quit

Dejan Zivkovic, (Impulse & digital electronics, microprocessors technics, computer systems),


Associate Professors:

Milenko Cvetinovic, (Impulse &digital electronics), fired for taking the study leave (which he was legaly entitled to take)

Borivoje Lazic, (Architecture of the computer, operative systems)

Srbijanka Turajlic, (Adaptive regulation, systems of automatic regulation), fired on 15 July 1999, but the document she received was antedated to 12 May 1999.

Ljubica ]ucuz, Senior lecturer (English language), retired prematurely

Vladana Likar-Smiljanic, Senior research fellow, suspension not lifted

Radmila Stojic, Research Councelor, retired prematurely

ass. Milan Ponjavic (Microprocessor, linear, impuls & digital electronics, projecting electronic systems)

ass. Predrag Tepavcevic, suspension not lifted

also, after the bombardment in February, dean Teodosic has fired numerous colleagues although they have signed the new employment contracts, generally under the same excuse for not being present at the Faculty for 5 consecutive days. they were joined by over 30 other staff who quit, or asked for early retirement:


Aleksandar Marincic, (Optoelectronic telecommunications) retired by force, member of Serbian Academy of Science and Arts,

Dejan Popovic, (Sensors and actuators, Biomedicine Engineering) fired during bombardment

Nenad Simic, (Optoelectronic telecommunications), retired by force

Associate Professors:

Vojislav Misic, (Software technics, Information Systems) went abroad

Konstantin Nikolic, (Physics) fired during bombardment, currently at UCL

Dejan Tosic, (Mycrowave technics, Digital picture processing) fired during bombardment

Branislav Notaros (Electromagnetics), quit after his request for study leave abroad

was denied, currently visiting professor at Dartmouth Colledge, USA

Zeljko Djurovic, (Automatics) his contract was not renewed after it expired in January 2000, his application for postdoctoral studies at State University of Lisabon accepted.

Lecturer Svetlana Kurtes, (English language) quit

Scientific Adviser Miodrag Pavlovic, retired


mr Ivan Erakovic, (Electronics), fired since he asked for a study leave, went abroad

mr Aleksandra Mojsilovic, (Electronics, Digital picture processibg) went abroad

mr Borivoje Nikolic, (Elektronics, Impulse and digital electronics) went abroad

mr Dejan Petkovic, (Disatributed computer systems) went abroad

mr Aleksandar Rakic, (Physics) went abroad

mr Zoran Stankovic, went abroad

mr Nebojsa ]osic, went abroad

Danijela Damjanovic, went abroad

Slobodan Kovacevic, (Electric measurements) fired

Jovan Mikulovic, fired during bombardment (although he was mobilised at the time), went abroad

Vladimir Nikolajevic, fired since he asked for study leave, went abroad

Vladimir Skulic, quit

Zoran Nesovanovic, went abroad

Djordje Djukic, went abroad

Irena Maravic, went abroad

Berislav Todorovic, went abroad

Kostic Pavle, quit

Miskovic Ljubisa, went abroad

Computer Centre:

Dusan Bubalo, went abroad

Dejan Ilic, quit

Zoran Kapetanovic, quit

Dragan Sretenovic, went abroad

Natasa Stanojevic, quit


Vladan Dugaric, went abroad

Dragan Stevanovic, quit


mr Petar Drljaca, his contract was not renewed when he returned from the regular army service

mr Jelena Radovanovic, her contract was not renewed

Stevan Antic, quit

Dejan Drajic, went abroad

Vanja Lilic, quit

Radmila Maksimovic, quit

Goran Markovic, quit

Miroslav Markovic, quit

Srdjan Markovic, quit

Ivan Todorovic, quit

Zeljko Vrankovic, quit

Miodrag Vujkovic, quit

Dragan Zutic, fired, during bombardment

It is still unclear why professors Slobodan Simic and Zoran Radosavljevic are taken off the teaching list in 1999/2000 schoolyear.


- Faculty of Biology:

Prof. Miloje Krunic (Comparative morphology) retired prematurely

Prof. Ana Savic, (Molecular biology), quit for the Institute of Molecular Biology

Prof. Nikola Tucic, (Theory of Evolution),

Assoc. Prof. Gordana Cvijic, (Endocrinology, Experimental phisiology)

Ass. Prof. Danka Savic, (Systemic biophysics), her contract was not renewed

ass. Jelena Brkljacic (Molecular biology) left the Faculty

- Faculty of Political Sciences:

Prof. Radoslav Bo`ovic, (Cultural Sociology, Cultural Politics), retired prematurely by force in summer 1999,

Prof. Mijat Damjanovic, (Public Administration), quit in protest

Prof. Dobrosav Mitrovic, (International private and business law) prematurely retired

Prof. Milan Podunavac, (Theory of Political System, Political Culture)

Prof. Smilja Tartalja, (History of Political Theories)

Assoc. Prof. ^edomir ^upic, (Sociology, Political and Social Anthropology)

ass Jasmina Glisic (Social Psychology)

after the war contracts were not prolonged to:

Prof. Momir Stojkovic (Diplomacy and History of Diplomacy), a former Dean, died an hour after he was told he had to retire prematurely.

Prof. Vujo Vukmirica (Contemporary Economic Systems), forced to retire prematurely,

Assoc. Professor Vladimir Cvetkovic (Philosophy)

ass Snje`ana Milivojevic (Public opinion and mass comunications), fired

ass Zoran Kindjic (Philosophy) fired

- Faculty of Technology:

Prof. Jovan Jovanovic, (Technology of Oil Refining, Technology of Petrochemical Products)

Prof. Fedor Zdanski, (Mechanics of fluids, Ecological Engineering

Ass. Prof. Mile Pavlovski, (Social Ecology)

Obrad Savic, Senior research fellow, (Sociology), suspended, and fired in may 2000


- Faculty of Chemistry:

Prof. Zivorad ^ekovic, (Organic synthesis)

Prof. Ivan Juranic, (Theory of chemical bonding, Physical organic chemistry)

Prof. Ivan Micovic, (Organic chemistry)

lecturer Dr Nenad Tomasevic, (Biochemistry) on a sabbathical leave in USA

assistant mr Ljubica Tasic, on a study leave in Brasil

Mirjana Zivadinovic, tehnician,

till their regular retirement on 1 October 1998, the following have refused to sign new contracts too:

Prof. Miroslav Gasic (a member od the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts),

Assoc. Prof. Aleksandar Milovanovic

Ass. Prof. Djordje Petrovic

Miodrag Djermanovic, senior scientific colaborator

- Sports Academy (Faculty of Physical Culture):

Prof. Dusan Ugarkovic (Sports Medicine),

Assoc. Prof. Slobodan Jaric, (Biomechanics), quit the faculty, currently abroad

Assoc. Prof. Dusko Tomas (Track and Field Athletics), fired through denial of his request for prolongation of the unpaid leave for another year

ass. Veselin Jelusic (Soccer), fired through denial of his request for prolongation of the unpaid leave for another year

After a yearlong strike of more than 90% of the staff in 1999., the former dean, Prof. Miladin Radisavljevic (Corective gymnastics), was fired in January 2000.

- Faculty of Medicine:

Prof. Dusan Lekic, (Pathologic phisiology)

Prof. Slobodan Marinkovic, (Anathomy)

Ass. Prof. Bo`o Trbojevic, (Internal medicine)

after the bombing several young academics were fired including:

Ass. Prof. Srecko Vojvodic (Biophysics in medecine), fired

Ass. Prof. Sasa Filipovic (Neurology), fired



- Faculty of Mathematics:

(temporarily suspended in autumn sememster)

Assoc. Prof. Zoran Lucic, (Basic geometry)

Assoc. Prof. Desanka Radunovic, (Numeric methods)


- Faculty of Economics:

(suspended, with their wages reduced)

Assoc. Prof. Goran Milicevic, (urban & regional economics, environmental economics)

Ass. Prof. Refik Secibovic, (regional economic geography), his contract expired in October 1999, and was not renewed.



- Faculty of Defectology:

(both professors were suspended, and by a court injunction returned to the staff)

Prof. Zarko Trebjesanin, (general psichology, personal psichology)

Assoc. Prof. Jelena Djordjevic, (sociology)


- Faculty of Transportation:

Assoc. Prof. Vera Mijuskovic, (Roads) transferred to a non-existent research center

Prof. Drina Spagnut (Transport characteristics of commodities) retired prematurely


- Faculty of Defense and Protection:

Assoc. Prof. Tomislav Smrecnik, (Sociology of Labour) fired in april 1999


- Faculty of Veterinarian Medicine:

Prof. Gordana Djuric, (Radiation hygiene)

- Faculty of Physichal Chemistry:

Assoc. Prof. Miljenko Peric, (Quant Chemistry and Molecular Structures)

- Faculty of Architecture:

Prof. Gavrilo Mihaljevic, (Spatial and Building Economics)

- Faculty of Agriculture:

Prof. Malisa Tosic, (agricultural engineering,) quit the faculty

- Faculty of Physics:

ass. Zoran Nikolic, quit the faculty

(after the bombardment in 1999, three assistants were fired for not being present at the faculty:

Dragan Stojkovic (Quant Mechanics), graduated with the highest possible grade average (10,00)

Irena Kne`evic, grade average (10,00)

Vasil Pupovac

at the same time a new assistant was hired - Becko Kasalica, who is over 30, and whose average grade is 6,9 (the lowest possible grade is 6,0)

- Faculty of Mining and Geology:

Lecturer Radmila Nastic (English language) quit the faculty

- Faculty of Forrestry:

Prof. Slobodan Petkovic (Hydraulics and Hydrology) fired last year (Oct 1997)

Ass. Prof. Tatjana Stevanovic-Jane`ic (Chemistry of trees), presently in Canada, dean refused to offer her a new contract, or to prolong the former one

ass. Sladjana Markovic (Hydrogeology andgeomorphology) left the faculty



- Faculty of Drama:

Prof. Filip David, (Dramaturgy)

Prof. Nikola Jevtic, (Theater directing)

Prof. Srdjan Karanovic, (Film directing)

Prof. Goran Markovic, (Film directing)

Prof. Zivojin Pavlovic, (Film directing), died later the same year

Assoc. Prof. Nenad Prokic, (Theater dramaturgy)

Assoc. Prof. Slobodan Sijan, (Film directing)

ass. Srdjan Dragojevic, (Film directing), currently in USA






- Faculty of Philosophy:

Prof. Slobodanka Kitic, (English language)

Prof. Momcilo Stojkovic, (Sociology of moral)

Prof. Dragan Zunic, (Sociology of Art, Esthetics)

Assoc. Prof. Drasko Bjelica, (Philosophy)

Lector Ljiljana Markovic, (English language)

ass. Tatjana Paunovic, (English language)

ass. Nenad Popovic, (Methodology of Social Research)

- Faculty of Engineering:

ass Bogdan Djurovic, (Sociology)

- Faculty for Teachers at Vranje:

Ass. Prof. Zoran Jovanovic, (Sociology of mass media)



Only recently we finally found out that claims of the Minister of Education, that there were 5 academics at this University who refused to sign these new employment contracts, were after all true, but we were unable to contact them and learn of their full names and positions.